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The laptop hinge is part of the interaction between the screen and the keyboard on the laptop. It guarantees that the screen area does not shake, wobble, or become excessively tight. A soiled or damaged laptop will impair its functionality and usage. A laptop’s electronic components are just some of the ones that might fail. Mechanically strained parts like laptop hinges, display brackets, and housing elements also deteriorate with time. If the hinges cannot be readjusted or are damaged, they must be replaced. This article is a detailed guide on what to do if the hinges broken on laptop.

A typical cause of hinge failure is when a laptop is dropped while opened; however, material fatigue may also be the cause. However, most users end up destroying their laptop hinges.

If the laptop hinge fails, the exposed display wire will be harmed sooner or later. If the issue is resolved promptly, it may result in the proper screen output. (Stripes, missing colours, and so forth.) This is why you must exercise caution and avoid laptop hinges from cracking. If you do wind up with damaged ones, don’t put a replacement on the back burner. A faulty laptop hinge might leave your computer inoperable. If your display won’t stay open and the lid feels loose, you’ve most likely broken the hinges on your laptop. Replacing a faulty hinge may extend your laptop’s life and save you money on a new one.

How Does a Laptop Hinge Work?

Laptops feature two hinges separating the interface’s left and right sides. Parts of the laptop Most tablets only have one. Laptop hinges are the pivot, allowing the laptop screen to be easily opened and closed. Because the laptop hinge is constantly opened and closed anytime it is used, it is prone to becoming loose.

Type Of Hinge Problem

I divided the hinge-related issue into four categories.

  • The bolt housing area is damaged.
  • The brass screws that hold the plastic holder are broken.
  • The hinges are disassembled into many sections.
  • The display will flicker or fail to function correctly as a result of insufficient pressure or a faulty connection to the show. Moving the display will operate for 3-4 seconds before flickering again and flashing on and off.

Can laptop hinges be replaced or repaired?

Without a sure, all laptop hinges may be repaired; however, in certain circumstances, what you should do depends on the scenario.

  • If you want to repair it yourself, check a few other websites to see if someone else had the same issue and solved it. YouTube is an excellent resource. Look for your laptop’s model number.
  • If the laptop is pricey or brand new, I recommend taking it to a repair shop to avoid voiding the warranty.
  • If the laptop has to be dismantled for repair and seems too challenging to do, I recommend calling a specialist.
  • It’s pointless to spend $200-$300 fixing a 5-year-old laptop that’s worth even less.

However, a few people purchase new components and then rebuild/repair them themselves. After learning about the replacement expenses connected with hiring a technician, most customers will head to BestBuy or Amazon to get a new laptop.

How to Check If Your Hinge Is Loose

The most typical alterations seen that lead to a full-blown loosening of the hinge are that your computer will feel a little easier to open at first. The little push necessary to open the laptop may no longer be required.

After you open it, the screen part will wobble and move closer or further away. This is one of the few things you’ll notice before a full-fledged hinge loosening occurs.

Damaged / Loose Hinge Signs and Wearing of the Hinge

There are several indications of hinge deterioration. Some are prominent, while others are concealed.

  • Physical damage to the hinge or housing region is possible. These are seen.
  • You cannot arrange the display to stand at 90° or position it in any other way.
  • The hinge may get “seized up,” making it more challenging to move than it should be.
  • There may be no apparent damage from the outside. This is only a symptom of the underlying issue. If you do not repair it quickly, the hinge housing region in the screen will be broken/cracked. When you attempt to move the screen, it will create a cracking sound.
  • When you shut the laptop, you may hear a few grumbling noises. Such indicators imply that one of the screws has become loose.
  • The hinge is made entirely of plastic, and the screws are attached. The plastic screw hole will expand with time, causing the screw to become loose.

How to Repair hinges broken on laptop

A shaky laptop monitor may be made steady. There are several solutions to the difficulties. Some need little experience or instruments, while others necessitate using a drill machine and nuts.

Because most people who read this page expect to hear about tool-free approaches, I will prioritize them. However, I will also suggest ways that need previous knowledge and competence.

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How to Repair a Broken Laptop Hinge Without Disassembling

(Without Taking Off The Bezel/Garnish)

A laptop computer is not a toy. It is a costly thing. Most people despise disassembling something to repair it since there is a reasonable risk you won’t be able to reassemble it. I’ll show you how to accomplish it quickly.


Position a complex item behind the laptop. Ensure that the laptop’s screen area rests on a firm thing so it does not move while in use. I tried that last year while playing PS4 on a computer with this issue.


Several friction pads may be attached to the Hinges. These friction pads will decrease wobbling and increase the freedom to open the screen part.


You may also buy a replacement from the manufacturer, particularly if you still have a valid warranty. Contact your manufacturer, describe the situation, and they will provide you with some troubleshooting instructions. It is critical to contact your manufacturers for basic troubleshooting that may resolve the issue. Most people believe repairing a broken hinge is impossible and that the only option is to handle the situation or call the manufacturing firm to fix it.

If your laptop is ancient and you cannot repair the hinge, consider purchasing a new one. If you need help determining when to purchase, consider the ideal time of year to buy a laptop.

Method – 4 (Using glue)

Purchase a tube of gorilla glue epoxy. Then, reassemble it such that it can hold it. If it breaks again, use glue to repair it. Super glue may be used. However, depending on your laptop’s hinge design, specific models may only survive for a while owing to hinge stress.

Method 5: Install the hinge on the exterior of the case.

Items needed:

  • A cordless drill
  • A couple of 14mm M3 screws (plus nuts for them)

Steps List

Step 01

To begin, use your drill machine to drill 2mm pilot holes through the case cover from the hinge side. The lowest two screw holes in the bezel/garnish will be used.

Step 02

Drill 3mm pilot holes from the case cover side towards the hinge.

Step 03

Insert the screw from the case side and the nut from the bezel side. You can file down screws that are too long. A dab of black enamel works well to conceal the nuts. This repair will only require one screw per hinge.

Remember that 3mm coupler nuts are unavailable in hardware or home improvement stores. They are separated from the circuit board. It is available from a computer repair shop, an electronics supply store, or Newegg.com. Binding screws or Chicago screws can also be used.

If the laptop hinge is broken, you may fix it by taking it apart. A simple self-troubleshooting procedure can save you money.

  • First, unplug all cables and remove all screws holding the laptop base to the keyboard.
  • Make a note of the location of each screw to make reassembling easier.
  • Remove the hinge cover above the keyboard on top of the motherboard using the flat head screw.
  • Remove the laptop monitor from the laptop base by dragging it away from the laptop, unplugging the video cable, and unscrewing the hinges.
  • Replace the hinges with new ones and reassemble your laptop in the same manner as before.

How To Repair If The Plastic Attaching The Hinge To The Cover Is Damaged

There are several options for resolving the problem.

  • Loosen a nut to loosen the hinges.
  • Change the hinger. Many third-party stores sell these replacement parts at a low cost. eBay has a large number of sellers. Check the part number before purchasing.

Tip: If you notice that the plastic housings (upper or lower) are damaged or torn, you must replace the chassis/screen backing housing.

Things to Ponder About

  • Replacing hinges is difficult for the average person. Consider this the final option.
  • Replacing the lower chassis/screen backing housing can be expensive. You can find them on eBay or by purchasing a used, non-working laptop of the same model. Then, replace the broken parts on your laptop with the case/hinge parts.
  • Before purchasing a laptop, determine how many openings and closings that model has undergone testing. Dell, for example, claims that the Inspiron 15-547 has been tested for 20,000 openings and closings.

How Much Do Laptop Hinge Repairs Cost?

If you do it yourself, repairing or replacing a laptop hinge is free. If you cannot perform self-troubleshooting, you can hire a technician.

The cost of repairing differs depending on the technician. Technicians on eBay charge around $20, Amazon technicians charge approximately $30, and PC shop technicians were quoted to charge $80 for laptop hinge repair.

It can range between $200 and $300 in some cases. Spending such a large sum of money on laptop repair is pointless if your laptop is old. The hinge price varies between brands such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Acer. The material and the quality determine it.

Preventing Laptop Hinge Damage

One of the most easily damaged laptop parts is the hinge. To limit the extent of the damage, avoid frequently opening and closing the laptop. This often loosens the screen hooks, causing the screen to wobble.

  • Keep the laptop from falling. The hinge will be damaged as a result of this.
  • To avoid friction, the hinge can be lubricated. Because not all lubricants are recommended, you must contact your manufacturer to determine the best lubricant to use.
  • Dropping a laptop can also damage the motherboard and power button. If this happens, try turning on the computer without the power button.
  • Avoid lifting a laptop with the screen open.
  • The majority of laptops lack screws. Please use the correct screw size when tightening or loosening a laptop hinge. Because the hinge is tightened to plastic, excessive pressure should be avoided to avoid plastic damage.
  • The laptop screen section is extremely fragile. It would be best if you took care when opening the laptop.
  • The speed and force with which you open the laptop are essential. Take it easy on the hinge, and it will undoubtedly last you a long time.
  • Avoid carrying the laptop by the lid.


My brand-new laptop’s hinge is broken. Will the service center provide me with a free replacement?

We have seen a mixed scenario in our experience. Sometimes they replace the hinge for free and sometimes charge for it. They make their decision after manually inspecting the laptop.

My laptop’s hinges are incredibly tight. The plastic cover may eventually come off. How can it be fixed?

Attempt to loosen the hinges. Otherwise, reattach the hinges. If you continue to use tight hinges, the plastic that holds the screws may break. Remember that some manufacturers, such as HP, do not sell replacement screen covers or other replacement parts. You can get items from eBay or third-party sellers.

In conclusion

Overall, there are numerous methods for repairing and replacing your laptop hinge, and the manufacturer’s instructions must be strictly followed.

A cranking sound is always an indication of a loosening or worn hinge. The loosening of the laptop hinge renders it useless because the screen section will not remain in the position where you place it. This can be highly frustrating, especially if you are working on a project on your laptop. A wobbly laptop hinge can damage the screen because most wires are exposed to wear and tear. Finally, in addition to this, other issues may arise from there. The position and design of the hinges differ from one laptop to the next. The hinge is a critical component of the laptop. If the hinge is broken, the computer cannot be used properly.

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